Angela Privin


Angela Privin

October 22, 2017

How a Gut Health Coach Cured Herself of IBS After One Year of Paleo Done Right


  • Why listening to your body is the best route to find right diet or plan: easy to say, hard to do
  • The 3 common traits of IBS and SIBO people
  • Underlying factors that can create the perfect storm for SIBO
  • Angela’s SIBO
  • The best app for diet tracking

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Angela Privin, CHC

Eleven years ago, Angela Privin conquered IBS naturally after doctors told her it was incurable. This inspired Angela to become a certified holistic health coach. After working with IBS clients for several years she discovered that a majority of IBS cases were caused by a SIBO overgrowth. Angela then found herself with a raging SIBO overgrowth. While her hydrogen breath test levels were in the 100s, Angela cleared her infection in 6 weeks using a combination of the typical SIBO protocol, the right mindset, and targeted self-care. Because everyone with SIBO is so different, Angela helps people find their perfect SIBO diet with a food journaling protocol, which is the most effective way to identify personal food triggers and sensitivities. She also helps clients work with their “IBS personality,” which often provides a “missing link” solution for particularly tough cases.

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