Gut Check Project Podcast – talking with Dr. Ken Brown & Eric Rieger about SIBO and bloating

I recently sat down for the 50th episode of Dr. Ken Brown, MD’s podcast: the Gut Check Project.

We talked about:

  • my new book, Healing SIBO
  • SIBO basics
  • SIBO and bloating
  • what I think the future of SIBO treatment holds…
  • …and Atrantil, one of my favorite tools for anyone with SIBO or bloating!

(Just want to learn about Atrantil? Skip to the 38 minute mark!)

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2 thoughts on “Gut Check Project Podcast – talking with Dr. Ken Brown & Eric Rieger about SIBO and bloating”

  1. Please im suffering too long years now ,cant get the right help nowhere really some drs know i tested dominant methane sibo before this thrid test came out ,I. In Florida now ,me and significant other of many years, 5 months here selling the building have to be out nov.20th no apt all money had went on supplements and drs that do not understand sibo , don’t know if we ll be on the street no where to live no more money, no drs to go and get right help no car , I need help if anyone knows about any of these situations please hurry I can’t and my significant other take it no more , hes already tried to take his life
    He’s ok out of the hospital but we don’t know what to do or how we r going to feel better to do it ne especially with a illness thats horrible like this, I feel so sorry whos ever going threw this GOD BLESS PATRICIA AND LARRY

    1. SIBO SOS® Support

      Hi Patricia (and say hi to Larry for us). I’m so sorry that your health and your entire life has arrived at this critical juncture!

      The SIBO can be tricky… as you’ve unfortunately already know! I suggest looking into working with someone who does specialize in SIBO – and not every gastro and naturopath is! Have you had a chance to review the SIBO SOS® Featured Speakers List yet? That’s a list of all the great people that we know has some authority in SIBO. So that’s a great place to start.

      I do realize though that getting to a specialist might take you a while since you do have that November 20 deadline. For the meantime, just so you can get started, if you can find the time, we’d love to have you take a look at one of Dr. Siebecker’s webinar on: 9 Steps to Healing SIBO… from Start to Finish. I know you said you’ve already exhausted your finances on all sorts of supplements, so I would imagine your next steps would need to be a little bit more targeted.

      Keep on marching, SIBO warriors!

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