How to use postbiotics for Leaky Gut, immune health, inflammation, IBS, SIBO and more with Steve Wright

I recently learned about a new approach to a healthy gut called postbiotics. 

Postbiotics are also known as SCFAs – short chain fatty acids.

Simply put, they are the result of bacteria in your gut consuming fiber. (Sort of like bacteria poop… but in a good way).

But if you have SIBO, IBS, or microbiome issues, your relationship with postbiotics can be complex… and if you’re avoiding many prebiotic rich foods (like those high in FODMAPs) you could be missing out on the benefits of postbiotics entirely.

And thats a huge issue, because postbiotics fight inflammation in the body and can help heal leaky gut – among many other benefits.

To explain this topic in depth – and how we can provide our gut the with postbiotics we need for optimal health – I’ve invited my longtime friend and “gut health engineer” Steve Wright for a Q&A! 

Watch the Youtube video here. 

Check out his new postbiotic supplement, Tributyrin-X here (and get $15 Off + Free Shipping if you order by February 23)

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1 thought on “How to use postbiotics for Leaky Gut, immune health, inflammation, IBS, SIBO and more with Steve Wright”

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