Vlog: learning more about SIBO and IBS with Dr. Ken Brown, MD

IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit Vlog

Today I want to share something I’m really excited about with you: our very first IBS and SIBO SOS® video blog (AKA a vlog!)

This is an excerpt from Dr. Ken Brown, MD’s presentation for the next IBS & SIBO SOS® Summit in 2020! Dr. Brown is the creator of Atrantil, the supplement that has helped so many people deal with constipation and bloating. 

Watch the vlog and let us know what you think. 

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P.S. Please leave a comment and let us know – do you like the vlogs? Do you prefer more written content or more videos?

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11 thoughts on “Vlog: learning more about SIBO and IBS with Dr. Ken Brown, MD”

  1. I like the transcripts when my hubby is watching tv. Otherwise I like both. The info here whets my appetite for more. Very interesting.

  2. Yes, liked this. No problem with sound here. I used Atrantil last September. Part of a many-pronged approach to regaining my health (no ill effects from using it).

  3. Very informative for a snippet of the vlog. I had two dr give me different diagnosis. When said Sibo, one said not. So, anytime I can get some type of info or clarification, it’s very helpful

  4. I personally do not like podcasts or vlogs. I can read the transcript of an hour long podcast/vlog in 5-10 minutes. Plus I don’t have to take notes because I can just cut and paste. It’s just much more effective to read.

    1. Sorry to hear you had trouble Lauren! We didn’t notice a problem on our end – maybe it was a poor connection??

  5. I was having the symptoms of SIBO and started using Atrantil per directions. After about 3/4 the way thru the bottle my symptoms got much worse and had to stop using it. Stomach cramps, constipation diarrhea and gas beyond belief, my stomach has not been the same since. Thanks

    1. Sorry to hear that Daniel! Could it have been food poisoning? Dr. Pimentel says that once you have IBS/SIBO you’re MORE susceptible to food poisoning (getting sick when other people might not) and after a bout of food poisoning your symptoms might be more intense.

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