Atrantil: is this supplement the answer to your bloat?

“When’s the baby due?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this in my life, when the truth is: I’m just bloated!

Yes – bloating and constipation can be minor annoyances for some people – but for others (like me) they can disrupt your entire life and cause serious issues.

That’s why I was so excited when I first discovered Atrantil.

Atrantil is an all-natural herbal supplement that treats the root cause of bloating and constipation and has been life-changing for thousands of people. Learn more here.

Today I want to share excerpts from an interview I conducted with Dr. Ken Brown, MD – the gastroenterologist and researcher who developed Atrantil.

What’s The Difference Between IBS with Diarrhea and Constipation?

“Ten years ago, this is when my journey started. I was actually doing clinical research for big pharmaceutical companies, specifically, we were looking at something you are very familiar with, Xifaxan to treat irritable bowel with diarrhea. It was at that time that it was brought to my attention that we won’t be able to help people that are bloated and constipated because a whole different process is going on.

The underlying cause is bacteria growing where it shouldn’t be. It isn’t that bacteria or good or bad, it’s that they’re just growing where they shouldn’t be. Now we know that if you get labeled as having irritable bowel with constipation, you probably have more methane-producing bacteria. If you get irritable bowel with diarrhea, then the bacteria are probably producing hydrogen. So the underlying cause is bacteria. So when we use the three natural ingredients that are known as polyphenols, which are actually the molecules in the Mediterranean diet, they get rid of the bacteria.”

What Are Archaea?

“A very specific type of bacteria called an archaea bacteria [causes constipation and bloating]. These bacteria live in their own kingdom and they produce methane gas. So as it turns out, methane slows everything down and creates all kinds of different problems and allows more bacteria to grow.

We even know which one it is, it’s Methanobrevibacter smithii. So if we want to get more technical, but let’s just call it a methane producer. It’s easiest.

The methane does several things. We initially thought that it worked as a local paralytic, which in simple terms, it does, it slows everything down. Now I think that there are some animal models that shows that it’s actually discoordinated contraction. So it doesn’t do anything. So essentially it doesn’t move. While it’s there not moving, every little piece of food that you bring into your mouth you’re going to have more time to absorb the calories that are there, once the bacteria are done breaking them down.”

What Causes The Archaea To Overgrow?

“Typically in my practice, I see a lot of second opinions, and it’s classic. Somebody will come in and just be like, “Look, 2016 I was normal and then something happened and I have [constipation and bloating]. This thing has been dominating my life ever since.”

Things that can happen are you can go through a very stressful situation, because that can shock your intestines, changes the motility and allows bacteria to grow. You can get a [food poisoning]infection, postinfectious. So about 20% of all people that’ll actually have a bad bug, they’ll end up having chronic issues with motility leading to bacterial overgrowth.

Typically Salmonella, Campylobacter, Yersinia these bugs that affect the gut. The reason is is because our bodies try to get rid of it and it actually produces antibodies that affect these receptors that affect the motility. So it kind of changes the motility and makes it a chronic situation. Almost an autoimmune situation.

Then the other thing that people forget about all the time is just taking antibiotics can disrupt everything. Then, good old diet, American diet, if you take in lots of processed foods it can be very hard on your gut and they can all affect your gut and it’s a perfect environment for these bacteria to start growing. So it’s the bacteria growing where they shouldn’t be that is the underlying cause.”

How Atrantil Can Help

“So while I’m in my lab I’m looking at this, my research manager came in, I’m from Nebraska, she’s from Iowa, and we got to talking. And she goes, “Holy cow, this is the kind of stuff we were looking at when we were trying to legislation with farmers in the Midwest to add food products to cattle to decrease the methane that they’re belching for the greenhouse effect.”

That was the aha moment. I just went, “Oh my gosh, we have to find all this data.” So we spent the next several years looking at all this data and we realized that if we put three natural ingredients together that had already been put … That we already eat as humans, that already been put as an extract for cattle, we could decrease this archaeabacter, and that’s where the aha moment came.

Now, we’ve recently found out that these indigestible polyphenols like in Atrantil, they go to your colon where you’re own colonic bacteria break them down into beneficial products, which are now called postbiotics. So we’ve heard the term prebiotic, probiotic, now I’m throwing a third term out there, postbiotic.

So Atrantil goes through the lumen, gets rid of the bacteria and then it feeds your bacteria. The more that you feed it what it needs, it’ll populate the healthier bacteria so that you’re not having a methanogen bloom.”

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P.S. If you want to read about community experiences with Atrantil, head over to our Facebook Group and search “Atrantil” to read real member’s thoughts.

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  1. A great podcast – thank you! I’ve just purchased Just Thrive probiotics to replace another soil based probiotic I’m already taking do you think it would work to take this when I wake up and then two capsules of Atrantil three times a day with meals?

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