Mouth breathing, posture, and autonomics – their effect on your health AND appearance!

March 29th 

Sometimes, it feels like trying to take control of your health only leads to more questions, more root causes, and “you should read more about…” 

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn when I was fixing my gut health, oral microbiome, dental health, and so many other aspects of my wellbeing was that EVERYTHING in your body is interconnected. 

For example, take this visual: 

All of these things are related to each other – and a root cause in one area could be sneakily leading to a symptom in another. 

A little bit stressful to hear, right?

For me, I remember feeling so overwhelmed by this fact I shut down and refused to Google anything else for two weeks. 

Eventually, I begrudgingly opened my laptop and started to learn. Although it’s intimidating at first, the relationship and connection between everything in your body makes a lot of sense. 

You can’t be well until you prioritize your entire body. 

Trying to get healthy by only focusing on one aspect of your health is like trying to be a great athlete by only weight training every day. Yes, you’ll get stronger and be able to lift heavier and heavier weights – but what happens when you’re on the field and you need to rely on stamina? Are you stuffing your post-workout body with the wrong fuel and missing out on muscle growth? What if you miss a catch because you haven’t trained your hand eye coordination?

A good athlete can tell you that training consists of a lifestyle – of working out, recovering, eating well, sleeping, and an entire host of other things. 

This includes days of recovery, during which athletes relax, prioritize their mental health, and do things they enjoy!

To become a “health” athlete, you need to train like one. You need to dedicate yourself to understanding and improving your health in all areas – not just skimming the surface of whatever is bothering you that day. 

And – you need to understand the connection between every system in your body. 

Now, I know this is isn’t easy. Learning about your health is a hard process and one that takes years. 

But, the best time to start is now. If you start today, who knows where you could be in a few years from now?

You’ll slowly implement lifestyle changes and better habits – and one day you might look back and think: thank goodness I put in the work to educate myself!

So, back to the image above… 

Do you suffer from any of those symptoms and struggle to figure out why and what you can do about it

I want to talk today about what I’ve learned in Bahar Esmaili’s masterclass The ConNECKtion that teaches about these interconnected conditions – specifically, the effect of your airways, posture, and autonomics from your nose to your toes.

Dr. Esmaili argues that many times at the root of the symptoms above are poor nasal respiration. Mouth breathing while awake or sleeping is a result of misalignment at some point during your life – many times it begins by poor jaw alignment when we are younger (while braces may correct the appearance of a misaligned jaw, they often don’t fix the affect on your airways and posture).

A lack of nasal respiration leads to dys-autonomia (a disorder of the central nervous system. It can charge involuntary functions—things that happen without thinking—like breathing).

This can lead to a posture shift to compensate, which leads to asymmetry and torsion of the dura/fascia (a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place), which leads to loss of the primary motion of the body, which leads to LOTS OF OTHER ISSUES!

For example, this posture shift can lead to a whole breadth of aches and pains, like:

It also affects the way you carry yourself – poor alignment can lead to a double chin, a tucked neck, and a raise in your shoulders.

Not only does proper alignment, posture, and breathing help save you from painful and harmful symptoms – they also affect how you look and carry yourself.

I find this information is so important – taking control of your posture and your breathing affects your health, wellness, and life every single day.

If you’re interested in learning how to reset your alignment, I highly encourage you to watch Dr. Esmaili’s masterclass here.

Or, you can opt in to our dental summit The Whole Body Rescue Summit to learn about all aspects of your oral and dental health (yes, proper breathing and your neck/posture fall under this category too)!

You’ll learn:

  • The cancer and oral microbiome connection 
  • Dental interferences: what are they and how to resolve them
  • Chronic inflammation and toxicity in the mouth
  • How toxins like Glyphosate affect the oral microbiome 
  • Oxygen and ozone therapy in dental care
  • The Alzheimer and oral health relationship
  • The headache solutions you can do at home
  • The shocking truth about plaque
  • How your amalgam fillings could be making you sick
  • Sinus and oral bacteria

Just for this summit, I did a presentation on all of my favorite oral healthcare products! It includes my masterclass – Biological Dental Adventures – which goes over ALL of them and how they’ve helped me in my dental health journey.

I talk about the homemade toothpaste that saved me from needing gum surgery, the best emergency dental products when in you’re in a tight situation, and products that will help you be proactive about your oral microbiome. I hope that my dental (mis)adventures can help you avoid some of my mistakes and get the products you need for optimal oral health!

Getting healthy can be hard – and educating yourself on all aspects of your health is a long and time intensive process. However, we are here to help you take it step by step. 

In a few years, who knows where you’ll be if you take the first step to get healthy now? 

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