What’s the difference between a biological and a traditional dentist?

You may have heard the words biological (or holistic) dentistry recently and wondered what it is. While you’re familiar with the dreaded dentist visits every six months, biological dentistry is a very different approach to dentistry and oral health overall. 

Biological dentistry views oral health as intricately linked to overall body well-being. It prioritizes using materials and methods that align with the body’s natural systems, aiming to foster harmony. Biological dentists stress prevention, personalized care, and the broader impact of oral health on immunity, inflammation, and chronic diseases. 

For example, while a traditional dentist may simply treat a patient that has developed many cavities from a high-sugar diet, a biological dentist may realize that a high sugar diet contributes to other problems, such as SIBO, Candida overgrowth, brain fog, and exhaustion. A biological dentist would work with the patient to find a diet plan, minimized processed sugar intake, and treat the cavities. 

Why is biological dental care different? 

Here are some things biological dentists may do differently than traditional dentist: 

Root Canals

Biological dentists aren’t quick to jump to an invasive procedure, and will often try other therapies before resorting to a root canal. 

Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Biological dentists may remove mercury amalgam fillings and avoid using them. These fillings use mercury, which can lead to neurological damage. 


Biological dentists make a point to use the most toxin-free, biocompatible dental products possible. They’ll also often use digital X-rays, which emit less radiation. 


A biological dentist will take the time to go over everything related to your oral healthcare with you and how it relates to the health of your entire body. Instead of a quick check up and sending you on your way, a biological dentist maintains the importance of quality time with patients to encompass all aspects of their health. 

Should I be using a Biological Dentist? 

Everyone’s preferences when it comes to healthcare are different, but at SIBO SOS® we are especially big fans of biological dentistry! If you struggle with digestive issues or chronic conditions, your oral health could be making all the difference, and a biological dentist may be the one to find the missing link. 

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