Top Treatments and Supplements for Methane SIBO or IMO

Top SIBO Supplements

Bloating… constipation…gas – those are the tell-tale symptoms of methane dominant SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), otherwise known as Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth (IMO).

Methane SIBO is one of the trickier forms of SIBO to treat, and those with methane SIBO often require multiple treatment rounds to resolve. 

That’s why today, I want to share some of the tested-and proven supplements that work best for methane dominant SIBO. 

What Is Methane SIBO?

SIBO is a condition caused by overgrown bacteria in the small intestine. The bacteria consume the carbohydrate foods we eat, and ferment them into gas. Different types of bacteria produce different types of gas – and it is the gas that causes the symptoms of SIBO.

Methane SIBO is a little bit different in two key ways, however:

#1 Methane is produced by archaea, not bacteria

Technically, the microscopic organisms that produce methane gas are archaea, not bacteria. But like bacteria, archaea are a normal part of the gut microbiome. 

#2 Archaea can overgrow in the large and small intestine

Thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Mark Pimentel, MD and his team at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, we now know that the symptoms of methane SIBO can be caused by overgrowth in the small or large intestine

These 2 key differences are why methane SIBO has another name: Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth. More on that here.

The names Methane SIBO and IMO are often used interchangeably. Here at SIBO SOS®, we use both names. In this post, we’ll call it methane SIBO.  

How Do I Know If I Have Methane SIBO?

The most common way to diagnose methane SIBO is with a SIBO breath test. 

According to Dr. Allison Siebecker, ND, generally, a 3-hour conventional breath test with:

  • Methane level below three is negative
  • Methane level between 3 and 9, with constipation, is considered positive
  • Methane level above 9 is considered positive (with or without constipation)

Some labs use slightly different numbers for interpretation. 

How Can We Treat Methane SIBO?

Dr. Siebecker recommends one of these treatments for methane SIBO:

  • Rifaximin plus neomycin (requires a doctor’s prescription)
  • Rifaximin plus metronidazole (requires a doctor’s prescription)
  • Allicin (the active component of garlic, found in the supplement Allimed) plus one other herb: berberine, oregano, or neem 
  • Elemental Diet
  • Atrantil (alongside another treatment or alone for symptomatic relief)

Treating Methane Symptoms

In addition to treating the overgrowth of archaea directly with one of the above treatments, those with methane often have specific symptoms that they need relief from:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Gas

For bloating and gas, Gas-X, activated charcoal, and (my favorite) Atrantil are all recommended by Dr. Siebecker. 

For constipation, Dr. Siebecker recommends adding more fat to the diet, magnesium oxide, and a probiotic without added prebiotics, like MegaSporeBiotic. 

How To Save Money on Methane SIBO Supplements

I know exactly how expensive treating SIBO can be – which is why one of my TOP priorities is helping folks with SIBO save money on the supplements that can provide so much relief!

Here are some of the exclusive discounts I have rounded up for these top supplements:

>>> Save 15% on MegasporeBiotic

Normally a practitioner is required to order directly from Microbiome Labs, but Kiran has graciously opened ordering to our community.

If this is your first order, start with this link to register as a patient, enter SIBOSOS in the patient direct code box, CLICK HERE: (this is the first step – you can’t order directly from Microbiome Labs unless you do this).

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I am so happy to share that we can offer the absolute lowest price anywhere on Atrantil exclusively to the SIBO SOS® Community!

Save 25% on one bottle, 33% on 3 bottles, or 38% on 6 bottles – it’s an amazing deal on one of the very best supplements for methane SIBO!

Hang In There!

Methane SIBO can be really difficult to treat, and I know sometimes it can feel like nothing will ever work.

If you’ve tried one treatment for methane SIBO without success, don’t be afraid to try another: not every treatment works for every person. 

And remember that oftentimes, it takes more than one round of treatment for success, too! 

If you’re looking for more guidance, be sure to check out the complete SIBO healing course I co-created with Dr. Allison Siebecker: The SIBO Recovery Roadmap.


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12 thoughts on “Top Treatments and Supplements for Methane SIBO or IMO”

    1. SIBO SOS® Support

      Hi Marie, I am not a doctor, but I know many people who have done that. I have. It worked for me.


  1. I have tried to order a 6 month Supply of Atrantil but can’t change the country? Does your generous offer extend to Australia?

    1. Hi Vilma,

      We currently only have approval for the US & Canada! You can try to reach out to Atrantil here if they have suggestions on where to source it in Australia… it “may” be in Amazon in your country, but we obviously wanna get it from legitimate Amazon sellers. You can contact them here.

      Good luck!

  2. Thanks Shivan! So awesome to have these resources/discounts and constant updates. You do wonderful work for your SIBO community. Glad to be a part.

    1. Hi Shawnie, I appreciate you taking the time to loop back and share some words of love! It’s such a privilege to be able to do this work for everyone in the SIBO community!

  3. Thank you SO much, Shivan! I have struggled with methane SIBO for many years and always listen to your workshops. I have gone through 8 rounds of rifaximin & neomycin treatment. This time I have gone 2 years without symptoms, except for the occasional flare up. I am just now experiencing continual symptoms so I’m afraid my SIBO has returned. Thus, I will try some of the supplements you have recommended. I don’t want to go back to the treatment because it makes me very sick. Thank you so much for procuring these wonderful discounts for us!!!

    1. Every penny counts! Eight rounds of rifaximin + neomycin is heavy on the pocket! That two-year remission period sounds very promising! Keep on marching!!!

    1. Hi Jan, Dr. Siebecker has used the herb neem in combination with oregano and allicin!

      I can’t quote Dr. Siebecker saying she has used Kolorex though, but I do know Dr. Mona Morstein has… she feels it’s one of the strongest biofilm busters out there for fungi.

      I would definitely ask your practitioner about how you might want to combine all these different herbals and formulas together.

      Good luck!

    1. Hi June! Have you had a chance to look into Dr. Allison Siebecker’s SIBO Symptomatic Relief Suggestions Handout? You can download it for free here. She has a handful of recommendations for diarrhea in there 🙂

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