The Future of Microbiome Health

Microbiologist thoughts on SIBO

The future is looking bright for the microbiome!

Thanks to Kiran Krishnan and the team at Microbiome Labs. Kiran is not only doing groundbreaking research on the microbiome all the time – but he has dedicated himself to educating both doctors and patients about the essential role of the microbiome, and how we can better care for it. He’s one of the most sought-after teachers in the gut and microbiome space, and we are so honored to welcome him back as a guest speaker on

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(Plus, using that same link, you can access my entire library of interviews with Kiran Krishnan – 9 interviews in all.)

If you’re not familiar with Microbiome Labs, they are the creators of the world-famous MegaSporeBiotic  – it’s one of the first spore-based probiotics, and if you’ve tried other probiotics without good results… all I can say is, you NEED to give MegaSporeBiotic a try.

Some of my favorite Microbiome Labs products are:

  • MegaSporeBiotic (one of the best probiotics I have ever used)
  • MegaCidin Throat Spray (an herbal-probotic blend throat spray that is a must for travel!)
  • NEW FODMATE Digestive Enzyme – this is a special enzyme made for easing the digestion of fiber-rich foods that feed the microbiome. Try it for bloating!

Remember I am a TV shopping show host, so I know how to get the best deals on everything! I asked Kiran for an exclusive coupon for our community.

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Let’s face it, having digestive health issues can be expensive! So anywhere I can save you money makes me super happy.

To use the 15% OFF coupon, there are two steps:

#1: Register as a patient using patient direct code SIBOSOS. This is an essential step: you must register with a valid patient direct code to order – that’s why I’m sharing mine with you

(Usually, a practitioner must order from Microbiome Labs for you. But I’ve worked out a special deal for my community.)

Shivan with name

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#2 Enter Coupon code DIGESTIONSOS when you checkout for 15% OFF your FIRST order (valid for first-time orders only)

Hope and hugs,

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