The SIBO SOS® Podcast: Getting To The Root Of SIBO w/ Dr. Mark Pimentel

In This Episode:

  • What conditions can cause SIBO
  • Why your stomach makes noise when you’re not hungry and what the migrating motor complex is
  • Why people with SIBO should steer clear of dairy products
  • What the relationship between SIBO, bacteria, and folate (iron) is
  • How methane contributes to weight gain and weight loss prevention
  • How you can incorporate probiotics in your diet when you have SIBO

SIBO, or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, is a condition where the good bacteria that grows in other parts of the gut migrate to the small intestine where it’s not supposed to be.

You’ll have symptoms of bloating, stomach pain, cramps, and, of course, gas.

The condition affects close to 60 million people across the United States, and guest, Dr. Mark Pimentel, and I have been chatting over the past year about what causes SIBO and how you can treat it.

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About Dr. Mark Pimentel


“My job is to prove that you don’t have SIBO first but if you do, then we need to prove why you have SIBO.” (3:24)

“The association between IBS and SIBO is clear. I’d say that probably 70% of IBS is SIBO.” (5:26)

“No human on the planet can drink a gallon of milk without getting bloated, because we only have so much enzyme to break down the lactose.” (9:17)

“You have various layers of protection against the outside world. So your skin on the outside of your body is very non-permeable to ward off infections. However, the gut is very special because you want it to absorb things… but not everything, such as certain toxins or some patients have multiple chemical sensitivities.” (24:05)

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2 thoughts on “The SIBO SOS® Podcast: Getting To The Root Of SIBO w/ Dr. Mark Pimentel”

  1. Can folate cause constipation and the IBS symptoms have returned ?
    I have MTHFR and got folate I started getting constipated and now my IBS symptoms are back and severely constipated
    I had control my symptoms with diet .!

    1. Hi Diana,

      I’m sorry the IBS symptoms have returned… no fun! I don’t know if we can definitively associate constipation directly with folate. But I do know a lot of our experts particularly like supporting that folate with vitamin B12 to help utilization… otherwise, that folate could really downregulate methylation as per Dr. Carolyn Ledowsky.

      Did you get a chance to catch her talk on the Gut & Microbiome Rescue Summit about Demystifying Methylation and the Microbiome? I’m only mentioning it because I know you purchased that summit… and I’m wondering if it’s a great time to revisit that talk!

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