5 Easy ways to detox your lymphatic system

The lymphatic system, an integral part of our circulatory network, works with our immune system to purify our body.

It uses an intricate network of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and lymphatic organs. A significant portion of our lymphatic tissue is actually located in our gastrointestinal tract!

When our lymphatic system becomes congested, it can cause chronic conditions and a whole roster of health issues. 

Because the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump like our hearts, it relies on external stimuli such as movement and breath to keep things flowing smoothly. Here are a few easy ways that you can promote movement in your lymphatic system.

Alternating Hot and Cold 

Going between plunge pools or alternating the temperature of your shower is a great way to expand and contract your lymphatic vessels, creating a pumping effect that pushes lymphatic fluid through your system. 

Deep Breathing

Focusing on your breath and breathing deeply helps the lymph fluid move and prevents you from getting congested. 

Jumping Rope or Trampoline

Interestingly, the motion of moving up and down, mimicing a heartbeat rhythm, can help stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid. If you’re looking for a quick fix to get things moving, consider investing in a jump rope.

Infrared Sauna

The heat and infrared light from the sauna helps your body release toxins, especially from within our fat cells. This process helps your lymphatic system flow and your body to detox, especially from substances like heavy metals, alcohol, and nicotine.

Lymphatic Massage

Known as manual lymphatic drainage or lymphatic drainage massage, this massage technique focuses on manually aiding the movement of lymph fluid. A lymphatic massage will help direct lymph fluid away from congested nodes, and you’ll see relief from swelling or puffiness instantly. 

While all of these practices are helpful on a day-to-day basis to help keep your lymphatic system healthy, if you’re lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly you may need to do a deeper dive into lymphatic care to truly detox and heal your body. 

To learn more about lymphatic health and things like: 

  • Connections between your gut, brain and lymphatic system
  • How to get your lymph moving and create healthy immunity
  • Ways to address chronic pain through the lymph system
  • How to do your own lymphatic drainage for instant relief
  • Simple approaches to transform your lymphatic health
  • How toxic beauty impacts your lymphatic system
  • 6 reasons your lymph gets stagnant

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