3 Creative fixes for lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels, nodes, and organs. It’s the body’s drainage system, and it removes waste, toxins, and excess fluids from the tissues. The lymph fluid that the system moves is a colorless, watery fluid that moves white blood cells to your organs and carries cellular waste away. The lymphatic system is crucial to our immune system. It removes toxins and fights infections, and lymph nodes remove impurities from the lymphatic fluid. It’s one of your body’s “silent heroes”– it’s critical for your health, but it’s not often spoken about or acknowledged unless things go wrong.

Part of having a healthy lymphatic system means having a healthy circulatory system, which includes both the cardiovascular circulatory system and the lymphatic circulatory system. When your blood travels through capillaries, lymph fluid is squeezed from your blood in exchange for nutrients from cells. It’s then used to transport waste to the lymph nodes where it’s filtered and returned to your bloodstream. 

Stimulating your lymphatic system to make sure this works properly is so important to your overall health. A poorly functioning lymphatic system could be the reason for your medical mystery. 

If you’ve tried things like staying hydrated, hydrotherapy, exercise, and lymphatic drainage massage but need an extra boost for your lymphatic routine, here are some creative ways to get your lymphatic system pumping.

Elevate your legs

If you spend a lot of your day sitting or standing, lymphatic fluid can pool in your legs. Try elevating your legs above your heart for 15-30 minutes daily. You can do this by putting some pillows on a footstool while sitting or swing your legs up against a wall while lying on the floor. 

Reduce tight clothing

Tight clothes can constrict the movement of your lymphatic system, and even more so around the waist, hips, and thighs. Try to wear looser-fitting clothes during your day instead to aid lymphatic drainage.

Ease up on the salt

Consuming a lot of sodium can cause water retention, which makes it harder for lymphatic fluid to flow through your body. Instead of high-sodium foods, add a more fresh, balanced diet to your lymphatic care routine.

While these quick fixes are a quick boost to a healthy lymphatic routine, they won’t make a huge difference if your lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly to begin with. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to lymphatic care and how your lymphatic system could be impacting your health, you’ve come to the right place. 

Your lymphatic health could make the difference in treating and feeling better from your chronic condition or mystery symptoms.

To learn more about lymphatic health and things like: 

  • Connections between your gut, brain and lymphatic system
  • How to get your lymph moving and create healthy immunity
  • Ways to address chronic pain through the lymph system
  • How to do your own lymphatic drainage for instant relief
  • Simple approaches to transform your lymphatic health
  • How toxic beauty impacts your lymphatic system
  • 6 reasons your lymph gets stagnant

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