The SIBO SOS® Podcast: Why Are You Having These Symptoms & How To Overcome Them w/ Dr. Megan Taylor

How to overcome SIBO symptoms

In This Episode of SIBO SOS®:

  • What gene variants will make you more or less susceptible to certain conditions
  • Why SIBO patients have a hard time breaking down stress neurotransmitters and what impact this has
  • What high B vitamin levels can indicate for SIBO patients
  • What vitamins and supplements you should take when you have SIBO
  • How much water SIBO patients should drink every day
  • Why everyone should be including extra trace minerals in their water
  • What the connection between coffee and your adrenal glands is

Finally getting to the root of your SIBO symptoms is usually more than just heading to the doctor for a blood test. There are so many other factors and indicators at play! From DNA tests and gene markers to vitamin deficiencies and dehydration, a little exploration into your health can go a long way.

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Managing Your Sibo Symptoms

Continuing my conversation with Dr. Megan Taylor, in this episode, we’re talking about how to help manage your SIBO symptoms. Treating SIBO can involve a number of different approaches, starting with, but not limited to, completing one of those ultra-popular DNA tests. These DNA tests not only give you ancestry information, but they’re also full of gene indicators and variants that will help you figure out your current health problems, and insight into whether you’ll be more susceptible to certain conditions in the future.
SIBO patients can have a hard time breaking down, digesting, and utilizing the food and drinks we consume. We talk about what the impact of being unable to break down stress neurotransmitters has on our body – as it’s often more subtle than you might think.

SIBO Supplementation is Integral

Vitamins and minerals should be supplemented, for quite a lot of the population, but in particular for SIBO patients. We should be looking at including extra B vitamins and iron into our daily routine. Often, and because of the way SIBO presents itself, there might be a worry of having too many B vitamins in our system – but current research shows that the body is able to expel what extra it has with no impact on the system.

What You Should And Shouldn’t Drink With SIBO

SIBO patients might find that they’re chronically thirsty and, even though they drink plenty of water every day, their thirst is real and constant. This is due to a disconnect within the adrenal glands, and Megan recommends using colorful sea salt in water a few times a day to help out sodium levels.
Finally, Megan shares how coffee impacts the adrenal glands of SIBO patients and whether or not we should be drinking coffee every day. Current research indicates that, in moderation, coffee is actually good for us… but does that apply when you have SIBO?
Do you drink coffee every day? How do you supplement your vitamins and minerals? Have you ever taken a DNA test like 23andme?


“With a b12 deficiency, you end up not having as much cell division happening, so you end up with bigger cells because cells haven’t been able to go through the division process.” (9:49)
“Many SIBO patients have adrenal and salt balance issues in our bodies. Our adrenal glands are helpful for regulating salt in our blood. And that can contribute to hydration and not being able to hold onto our water.” (16:03)
“All the research out there is telling us that coffee in moderation, just like alcohol in moderation, can actually be really helpful. There’s a lot of antioxidants, among other things, in coffee.” (19:13)

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