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Hydrogen Sulfide: A New Kind of SIBO

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Hydrogen Sulfide: A New Kind of SIBO

What does it mean if you get a flatline on a SIBO breath test? Are you in the clear – or do you have a type of bacteria overgrowth that isn’t yet detectable by today’s SIBO tests? Learn what hydrogen sulfide SIBO is, and what having it might mean – plus actionable tips for treatment.

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step 1

How hydrogen sulfide is foundational to all SIBO (methane or hydrogen dominant.

Learn why a low sulfur protocol may be able to help your SIBO.

The important link between glyphosate and sulfur.

Is SIBO your body’s way of trying to tell you something important?

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Your Teacher: Dr. Greg Nigh

Dr. Greg Nigh co-founded Immersion Health in 2014 after completing both the Naturopathic Doctor program and the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program. During his early years of work he developed his interest and passion for researching and implementing alternative cancer therapies. Dr. Nigh is widely respected in the naturopathic profession, and has spoken several times at the annual convention of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the national conference of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians on cancer cell metabolism. Dr. Nigh is a prolific reader, researcher and writer. He contributed a chapter to the upcoming two-volume Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine textbook, and has published articles, book reviews, essays, and even short stories.

Find Dr. Nigh online: http://www.portlandnaturalhealth.net/

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