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Healing SIBO by Shivan Sarna

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A guide to recognizing and overcoming SIBO

Fix the Real Cause of IBS, Bloating, and Weight Issues
in 21 Days

Millions of people  suffer from gastrointestinal pain and discomfort, and are misdiagnosed as only having IBS or are not diagnosed at all. . Healing SIBO changes all that by revealing the root cause of gastrointestinal discomfort as a condition with a cure: Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). 

Inside the Healing SIBO 21-day plan, you will find the answers to your unresolved stomach pain, bloat, and weight fluctuations. You will learn how to build an effective routine to manage your symptoms and land on the path to recovery. Shivan shares a variety of pharmaceutical and herbal   approaches, along with more than 40 SIBO-friendly recipes to kickstart your gut, help you heal, and take back your life.

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About The Author

Shivan Sarna, host of SIBO SOS

Shivan Sarna

I’m Shivan Sarna and over the past 20 years you may have seen me as a TV Host (especially if you like shopping). So how did I end up at SIBO SOS?

After a lifetime of digestive problems, I was diagnosed with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth in 2015. I was so excited to finally have a name for the symptoms that made me miserable – but I was quickly very frustrated by how hard it was to get access to reliable SIBO information, or even an appointment with a doctor who had experience treating SIBO. I set out to get answers about SIBO for myself – but along the way, I met hundreds (and then thousands) of other people like you who had the same problems: How do we find experts who really understand SIBO? What do we do if we can’t travel to see one these experts? Will we have to suffer forever? I went back to my roots as an advocate and educator focusing on bringing the experts together in one place to teach all of us: that’s how SIBO SOS® was born. 

After finding the answers for myself, I created SIBO SOS®, four summits, and a documentary all about how to heal from SIBO and gut issues. Then I wrote my book, “Healing SIBO” to get the answers to YOU. In your journey to understand, treat, and manage IBS, SIBO, and other digestive issues, I’m your guide, advocate, support, and shoulder to cry on – I’ll give you a nudge, introduce you to the people with the answers, and always be here to encourage you.

I want to save you time, energy and money by giving you the expert answers in a concise way. Get the answers you need so you can start healing and get back to life!

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