Dr. Nirala Jacobi

Stop SIBO Symptoms With The Bi-Phasic Diet and Treatment Protocol

“This has been VERY educational even though I thought I couldn’t learn any more! I’m so looking forward to finding a vetted practitioner to work with. I now look forward to starting the SIBO Bi-Phasic diet.” Thank you both!!” ~ Betty

Stop SIBO Symptoms With The Bi-Phasic Diet and Treatment Protocol

Learn how to manage food intolerances like histamine, salicylates, and oxalates with the Bi-Phasic Protocol in this masterclass with SIBO specialist and creator of the SIBO Bi-Phasic Protocol, Dr. Nirala Jacobi BHSc ND. This Masterclass is a deep dive into how to implement her approach and why this strategic treatment for SIBO treatment is one of the most effective options available.


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Here are a few slides from the Masterclass

step 1

How to move through different levels of dietary restrictions and treatment interventions.

How to optimize antibiotic therapies with diet and post-treatment plans to prevent relapse.

Why following a protocol is better for clinical outcomes and prevention of relapse.

Why food intolerances such as histamine, salicylates, and oxalates are commonly seen in SIBO and how to manage them in treatment.

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Bi-Phasic Diet Masterclass with Dr. Nirala Jacobi

Your Teacher: Dr. Nirala Jacobi

Dr. Nirala Jacobi, BHSc, ND (USA) is considered one of Australia’s leading expert in the treatment of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a common cause of IBS. She is the medical director for SIBOtest.com, an online testing service for practitioners. She is so passionate about educating other practitioners that she founded “The SIBO Doctor”, an online professional education platform. She lectures nationally and internationally about the assessment and treatment of SIBO and is the host of popular podcast for practitioners,The SIBO Doctor. She is the medical director and senior Naturopathic Physician at The Biome Clinic, center for functional digestive disorders in Mullumbimby, New South Wales.

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We are going to share the EXACT protocols that worked on us and many others. It is not meant to diagnose or treat disease, nor does it replace the 1-on-1 relationship with your primary care physician. Always consult a medical professional before taking supplements and work along with them as you work on your SIBO.