SIBO SOS® Holiday Gift Guide

What do people with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth want for the holidays?

You might think I’m joking… but I’m not!

While a home breath test isn’t the “sexiest” gift of all time, for someone who has SIBO, it’s a very welcome one!

And if you’ve got SIBO but are buying for those who don’t? There are some great gifts here for even those without SIBO!

(And one last thing…. I won’t tell if you pick up some of these gifts just for yourself!!)

Lumvi Skincare

This skincare line is created by the brilliant Dr. Christine Schaffner (who you may have seen in the Digestion SOS™ Docuseries). It’s one of the rare skincare lines that is both totally safe and natural… but actually works! I recommend the Basics Bundle – luxe + luminate + correct. It has everything you need  – and when you buy a bundle, you’ll get a free Brightening Peptide Serum (give it away or keep it for yourself!). Check out the Bundle here. 

Pique Tea

As much as I know water is good for me… I get bored drinking it plain. I’m always searching for new ways to mix it up that aren’t full of scary ingredients like artificial colors and sweeteners… that’s how I found Pique. Pique’s cutting-edge formulations are crafted from nature, refined by artisans and perfected with science to support radiant skin, gut health and provide calm energy. Their teas contain powerful antioxidants that will help boost immunity, energize metabolism for radiant health. Did I mention it’s delicious? Pique is offering their GREATEST deal for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For a limited time, get a COMPLIMENTARY 5-piece-gift set when you shop. Use code SHIVANS for an additional 5% off!

Wholetones 2Sleep

What’s a better gift than a good night’s sleep? I’ve tried everything – melatonin, warm tea before bed, blue-blocking glasses – but nothing else compares to how Wholetones 2Sleep helps me fall asleep quickly and stay asleep soundly. It’s a one-of-a-kind speaker that plays noise at a specific frequency to help you sleep. Totally natural, safe, and non-habit forming. A great gift for anyone on your list! And it’s 25% off right now, to boot! Get it 25% off Wholetones 2Sleep here. 

Science Naturals Supplements Turmeric with BioPerine

You know how getting a really nice pair of socks as a gift is the best? (Since you wouldn’t normally splurge on them for yourself.) It’s the same with really great supplements. Science Naturals Supplements Turmeric with BioPerine is the “cream of the crop” when it comes to anti-inflammatory turmeric – and it’s specifically formulated for maximum absorption. Get 4 bottles of Turmeric With BioPerine free when you buy 1 during their Thanksgiving sale (perfect for gifting!)

1st Steps to Treating SIBO Masterclass Summit


SIBO SOS™ Masterclass Summit

This is my gift to you! On December 14th, I’m hosting an Encore Presentation of the Summit with 20 expert-taught SIBO SOS Masterclasses – totally free to watch! We have experts like Dr. Allison Siebecker, Dr. Mark Pimentel, and Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis (and many more) on topics from treatment, testing, prevention, mold, parasites, yeast, and more!  As part of my community, you’re getting FREE access – keep an eye on your inbox for more information. Not on our email list? Go ahead and register here. 

Happy Holidays!!

Hope & hugs,



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