Examining the Root Cause of SIBO – going beyond the bloat

I was speaking with Kiran Krishan recently co-founder of MicroBiome Labs, I asked him if he could share a recent masterclass about SIBO and the products that support SIBO patients from MicroBiome Labs. Here is a note from Kiran:

At MicroBiome Labs, we continually enlist the newest scientific findings to provide practitioners like you with cutting-edge education, including novel ways to support the body as you work to help your clients eliminate SIBO. One thing you didn’t hear about in our masterclass was the SIBO-supportive nature of our MegaGuard™️ supplement. MegaGuard™️ supports improved GI transit time and gastric emptying, providing a substantial benefit for SIBO patients!

Kiran shared the above video with us, be sure to scroll down to get the latest coupon!

MegaGuard™️ is a novel digestive aid that helps overcome occasional gas, bloating, indigestion, nausea, GERD, and even sluggish gut motility.

MegaGuard™️ combines:

  1. Protective support from licorice polyphenols
  2. Cleansing support from artichoke leaf extract
  3. Soothing support from ginger

The power of these herbs combined provides MegaGuard™️’s unique and comprehensive support for digestion, bowel regularity, and gastric protection.

MegaGuard™️ is one of our most praised and highly sought-after products. We’re sure you have patients coming to mind who would benefit from this digestive support superstar!

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