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How To Overcome SIBO Symptoms w/ Dr. Megan Taylor

008: Why Are You Having These Symptoms & How To Overcome Them w/ Dr. Megan Taylor

Finally getting to the route of your SIBO symptoms is usually more than just heading to the doctor for a blood test. There are so many other factors & indicators at play! From DNA tests & gene markers to vitamin deficiencies & dehydration, a little exploration into your health can go a long way. Continuing my conversation with Dr. Megan Taylor, in this episode, we’re talking about how to help manage your SIBO symptoms.


007: How To Conquer Your Constipation w/ Dr. Megan Taylor

You can have regular, daily bowel movements and still be constipated. Indeed, regular movements are something we should all strive for, but when you’re still experiencing pain and discomfort in your abdomen, you might still have stool in the colon. Today, I’m continuing my conversation with the wonderful Dr. Megan Taylor, about how to treat constipation, particularly in children.