Digestion Expert Q&A Roundup (With Discount Codes!)

Over the past few months, I’ve sat down with several digestion experts and asked them questions I had myself and questions submitted by YOU! I’ve rounded them all up here for you to watch.

But that’s not all… I’ve also included all the SIBO SOS™ exclusive discounts we have!

Enjoy the Q&A with each digestion expert!

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Kiran Krishnan (Microbiologist and Founder of Microbiome Labs)

Dr. Rachel Fresco (Master Herbalist and Creator of Bio-Botanical Research)

Dr. Michael Ruscio (Creator of Elemental Heal)

More info from Dr. Ruscio in this blog post.

Dr. Ilana Gurevich (Discussing Getting The Right Diagnosis)

More from Dr. Gurevich in this blog post.

Dr. Mona Morstein (No-Nonsense, In-Depth Q&A on SIBO and IBS)

Ani Pandit (From ibs-smart Test)

More info available here.

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8 thoughts on “Digestion Expert Q&A Roundup (With Discount Codes!)”

  1. My wife has been taking that purple pill for twenty years and is now suffering other related consequences, is there a way to make a good change to stop taking it?
    The acid had damaged her esophagus so had had to have a procedure to stretch the opening to her stomach. She has had many of these treatments and the small ulcers that had started have healed but she still takes the anti acid pills.

    1. I’m not SIBOSOS but maybe I can give you some answers.

      According to Kiran Krishnan. He’s a microbiologist but no gastroenterologist. He believes that the gasses that are produced in the small intestine get pushed up upwards through the stomach causing the stomach contents with the acid going up to the esophagus. The actual reason for this is the low stomach acid which causes an overgrowth in the upper part of the small intestine. You could watch his webinar for free. See the link: https://rebelhealthtribe.com/acid-reflux-h-pylori-ulcers-upper-gi-solutions/

      It’s an excellent lecture. I loved it. He also offers certain solutions to this problem – it is either in the webinar part 1 or part 2.
      The solution would be to stop the overgrowth in the small intestine that causes the formation of the gasses in the first place. If your wife could tolerate some stomach acid it would be great. But sometimes the lining of the stomach is so damaged that some people cannot tolerate. It is about restoring production of the stomach acid as it acts as a first immune protection barrier, it kills off the bugs. There shouldn’t be barely any bacteria in the stomach or only some in the small intestine.
      I read about cases where this condition was reversed.

      We take bacteria in all the time with the food and beverages. We breathe in bacteria and funghi and so on all the time.

  2. What is a flatulent? What causes flatulents in the stomach? Is this a digestive disorder? Do you think that the contraindations in certain antibiotics causes the disturbance with these adverse effects of sibo/IBS/Leaky gut? What is your take on This?

    1. It is known that antibiotics can and cause slowing down of the motor migrating complex (the main cause for developing SIBO/IBS/leaky gut condition) and lowering of the stomach acid and bile production. Low stomach acid and low bile production are further risk for developing IBS/SIBO. I got severe SIBO after taking antibiotics (cipro) for a month. My candida overgrowth got totally out of control as antibiotics don’t target funghi at all. Killing off of the good bugs enables candida taking over the free spots on the lining of the gut wall and it can metabolize more food as its competion (the good bacteria) has been killed off by the antibiotics.

      The LPS (the toxins produced by gram negative bacteria and candida) have a very negative effect on vagus nerve which regulates the motor migrating complex. So it is a vicious cycle – one disturbace cause another disturbance in the digestive tract.
      Kiran Krishnan explains the vicious cycle very well in the free webinar (but with emphasis on low stomach acid as a primary cause). See the link: https://rebelhealthtribe.com/acid-reflux-h-pylori-ulcers-upper-gi-solutions/

      I highly recommend it. He even talks about the flatulants in the stomach – I believe in the second part of the webinar. 😉

  3. I had discovered lately that I have H pylori in my stomach and my practioner had told me that HCL will aggravate the condition. And I believe so because when I eat anything sour my stomach will hurt a lot.

    1. H. Pylori is know to cause ulcers, so damaged lining of the stomach acid resp. gastritis – inflamation of the stomach lining. So it is very possible the sour foods hurt your stomach.

      1. So yes, your doctor is right. As HCl is very acidic it can aggravate further your condition. The key is to get the H.Pylori overgrowth under control and to restore the lining of the stomach again. So the stomach can tolerate the stomach acid again as it is supposed to be.

        Please be aware that I am not a doctor, just a very interested sufferer who had to learn a lot of stuff on its own.

  4. Please address those who had their gall bladder removed. There are SO many of us out there since to became Big business for the doctors and hospitals!! I am furious with physicians telling everyone that the Gall Bladder is not needed. In 2006, I didn’t know any better and trusted them. Only had ONE attack that I could have resolved with nutrition myself.

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