In today’s post I’m getting REALLY real (and vulnerable) – talking about a subject that’s hard for many people to broach: depression and anxiety. Listen – I didn’t want to accept I had Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (so not sexy), or Lyme Disease (from a bug!) so you can imagine
The first time a practitioner brought up the idea of parasites I immediately thought, “No, nope, no way.” First of all, the idea of having a parasite or gut infection was so gross to me, I didn’t even want to consider it. Secondly, I live in Florida, I drink filtered
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I used to think there was NO way I could have a gut parasite. I thought living in the U.S. and drinking filtered water meant I was protected. Little did I know… Gut infections and parasites are actually common – even in Western countries. Gardening, eating out at restaurants, swimming,
3 Alternative Therapies to try for SIBO
There isn’t a diet left you haven’t tried. You’ve seen doctors, alternative practitioners, MDs, NDs, and everything in between. You’ve tried herbals, antibiotics, antibiotics & anti-fungals, spent more than you’d like to remember on probiotics, prokinetics, and gut-healing supplements. The underlying causes has been found and  you’ve been tested and
It starts innocently enough: you decide to try an elimination or other specific diet for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth like: Low-FODMAP Low-Fermentation SIBO Specific SCD GAPS or AIP At first, taking certain foods out of your diet really helps! But then there is a fork in the road for almost