0013: Should You Get A Stool Test? Interview with Kiran Krishnan

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Join Shivan Sarna and microbiologist Kiran Krishnan for this episode of The SIBO SOS® Podcast where they discuss the often-controversial stool test! Are stool tests worth your time and money? Can they help someone with IBS and SIBO? You’ll get the answers to these questions and much more in this episode!

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About Kiran Krishnan

  • Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan has a rich background in research, Kiran noticed that many supplement companies were lacking sufficient clinical data, which inspired him to design trials that were more affordable and fitting for the supplement industry. He then expanded his skill set into product development and formulation for a number of retail supplement companies. Eventually he was hired to study probiotics and discover what would become the next big probiotic in the industry: Bacillus spores.

    Microbiome Labs hopes to encourage other supplement companies to follow suit, thereby raising the bar of the supplement industry as a whole. In 2018, Microbiome Labs attended over 148 conferences, initiated and/or completed 14 clinical trials, and provided key solutions to thousands of practitioners, changing over 344,000 lives… and counting. And they have generously shared an exclusive discount with you as part of the SIBO SOS® Community!

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